#1. Giant Rabbit - Grey German Giant

According to Google video user's comment, "in Germany a rabbit breeder raises Grey German Giants and he grown so fond of one of them that he is going to keep it and not eat it.". In addition, over 10 Giant German Rabbits were sent to North Korea. Guess why? .

#2. Giant Centipede Eviscerates Mouse

According to youtube user nickbachman's comment, Vietnamese giant centipede eagarly eats a fuzzy mouse. Anyway, these are new kinds of 'jungle law'?

#3. Pyxie frog plucks mouse from fingers

#4. Giant Octopus vs. Shark

About Giant Octopus
 The North Pacific Giant Octopus, or the Giant Pacific Octopus, are distinguished from other species by its sheer size. Adults usually weigh around 33 lb (15 kg). However, there are questionable records of specimens up to 600 lb (270 kg) with a 23 ft (7 m) arm span.[4] The mantle, or "head", of the octopus is spherical in shape and contains most of the animal's major organs. The skin of the octopus is somewhat smooth and by contracting or expanding tiny pigments in its cells an octopus could change the color of its skin, giving it the ability to blend into the environment.
source : wikipedia.com

#5. GIANT Python

#. Extra - Giant Tortoise Hard Core Sex Action

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